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Mantorville Theatre Company

Year-round traditional and contemporary theatre in the historic Mantorville Opera House; Offering full-length theatre since the millennium!



"The Ladies' Man" or "Three Weddings and a Criminal" written and directed by Nan Johnson Strauss. Playing July 29 - August 14.
He's suave, charming and irresistible - he's also false, lying and reprehensible! And Connor Steele's plans are going awry. When Steele arrives with his new wife to claim the estate of his late wife, he finds that wife not "late" at all but still alive! In addition, another of his many wronged women has trailed him to town. Luckily for the ladies, the Pinkerton detective Will Ketchem is closing in and knows the key to sort it all out.

"Wheeling and Dealing" or "No Pedaling Allowed" written and directed by Sandra Hennings Miller. Playing August 19 - September 10.
Old Poppie owns a declining bicycle shop and has Hans, a young apprentice from Germany, working for him. Hans has been interested in all the talk about making bicycles gas propelled. He has heard that Henry Ford is close to finding an internal combustion solution. Hans is also working on an engine design. Everyone has a plan of some sort. Hans plans to team up with Henry Ford and help Poppie save the shop, and perhaps impress Poppies granddaughter, Roberta. Roberta. Roberta has a plan to make Hans notice her. Hattie, the widow down the street, has a plan to make Poppie husband number three. A. T. Rocious, a villain who has overheard Hans talking to his friend, Ben, about his engine, plans to impersonate Henry Ford and steal the engine and the glory.
Note: The run of this show ends Saturday, September 10. There is not a matinee performance on September 11. Please enjoy the Marigold Days parade on Sunday the 11th!

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