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Mantorville Theatre Company

Year-round traditional and contemporary theatre in the historic Mantorville Opera House. Offering full-length theatre since the millennium!



"The Ratcatcher's Daughter" or "Death Valley Daze" written by Tim Kelly and directed by Rachel Soland, playing July 28 - August 13, 2017

Auntie Hush, famous for her "Hush Mush", runs an orphanage in an abandoned stagecoach stop, but is soon to be tossed out by the unscrupulous city slicker, Whiplash Snivel. His arrival has been preceded by the entrance of lovely Sweet Lotta Bliss, from London (She's a foggy type.) She plans to open a school. Seeking her is the infamous Lady Pilfer (driven out of San Francisco for stealing ponies from the Pony Express). She brings news that Lotta's father, a ratcatcher, has been left a fortune by his deceased parent, a Russian nobleman (Lotta didn't know she was a Lady.) Since Lotta refuses Whiplash's oily offer of wedlock, he decides to get her money by hastening her marriage to her one true love, Jack Sunshine, a salesman of wash-and-wear furs. Alas, Jack owes his allegiance to the bottle. Only Lotta's love can save him, but not if Whiplash can help it.

"Song of the Canyon Kid" or "Poem on the Range" written by Scott Cherney and directed by Denise Ruemping, playing August 18 - September 9, 2017

The "Canyon Kid," our western version of a (mostly) virtuous nomad, has returned home to Dirt Clod, Missouri, and not a moment too soon! It seems Judge Basil Kadaver has the town on edge for fear of being placed at the edge of his gallows. And no doubt about it, life around Judge Kadaver is truly a taxing experience - and we mean literally! Can Canyon Kid cancel Kadaver's caustic calamities? More important, will his childhood sweetheart, Darla Darling, dare to drop her betrothal with Sheriff Dalton Doolin?

Note: The run of this show ends Saturday, September 9. There is not a matinee performance on September 10. Please enjoy the Marigold Days parade on Sunday the 10th!

Address: 55 5th St W Mantorville, MN 55955-8091

Phone: (507) 635-5420


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