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Archery Addiction

Know anybody you’d like to shoot with arrows?…Here’s your chance!



What do you get when you combine the adrenaline of archery with the ability to shoot at people in paintball and add the rules of dodgeball? FUN! Archery Addiction combines fitness and fun in the most addicting and stress-relieving experience you can have under one roof! Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself!

Corporate team building, stag and doe parties, a night out with friends…even date nights are perfect for a visit to Archery Addiction. We are the first to bring this exciting survival game to the Rochester area, and it’s fitting. Our athletes work hard during the week and play just as hard on the weekends and you should too!

With that, we mean to introduce people to the sport of archery by providing a safe, welcoming, and fun environment so our guests can have enjoyable and memorable experiences with their family and friends.

Address: 3020 N Broadway Ave. Suite 200 Rochester, MN 55906

Phone: 507-722-2386


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