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Simple Soaps for Simple Folks

Handcrafted from the finest ingredients on earth, pure and simple goat milk soaps, good for every body!



Simple Soaps for Simple Folks specializes in handcrafted goat milk soaps made with certified organic base oils, fresh goat milk produced locally on our farm,and essential oil or fragrance oil scents. Available in an array of guest and regular-sized molded shapes, we offer our customers only the highest quality, artisan soaps available. Also available are six types of solid hand lotions in tins, and your choice of two lip butters. These products are handcrafted with certified organic base oils and may be scented with essential oils. Lastly, pine wood soap savers are the "must have" accessory to extend the life of your luxurious soap!

Our mission is to create a quality bar of handcrafted goat milk soap for YOU, the customer, to use, gift and above all, ENJOY! We do this by using certified organic base oils, avoiding synthetic color/pigments, utilizing our fresh goat’s milk, and producing small, artisan batches of soap to preserve quality and craftsmanship.

Our hours:
January – August
Monday-Thursday CLOSED
Friday-Saturday 10am-5pm
September – December
Monday-Thursday CLOSED
Friday-Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm

Please feel free to call 507.923.8843 to confirm hours before visiting the shop.

Address: 218 Main St N, Dover, MN 55929

Phone: (507) 923-8843


Register for a February soapmaking class, receive a FREE guest soap with coupon!

FREE solid hand lotion tube with in-store coupon (*only valid on Sundays*)!


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