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Grab-n-go cookies ideal for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, & busy families. Clean superfood ingredients delivered in unique, delicious flavors!



Kakookies are oat based cookies packed with energy, nutrition, and all natural sources of protein and fiber. There is something magical packed inside these hand held treats and it’s not wheat, dairy, or eggs because these cookies have none of that! It is a cookie re-imagined made with clean, superfood ingredients providing healthy calories, not empty ones. Available in 4 artisinal flavors, each cookie is individually packaged for portability making it a perfect grab n go snack for travelers, athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, busy families, and anyone interested in living a healthier lifestyle. Kakookies is a woman owned, MN small business.

You can purchase Kakookies and support these local Southern MN retailers:

Cannon Falls:
Ferndale Market

Pedal Pushers Cafe

Crossfit Detour
People's Food Co-op
ZZest Lunch Counter
Hy-Vee in Rochester & Owatonna

Just Food Co-op

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BACK TO SCHOOL, KID FRIENDLY: Kakookies are delicious, nutritious, soft baked, grab n go cookies made with clean, superfood ingredients. (Vegan & Gluten free too!) Ideal hand held breakfast and on-the-go snack for travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, busy overscheduled families, & anyone interested in leading a healthy lifestyle. Good anytime, anywhere. Kakookies are especially popular with Mom’s looking for allergy sensitive and portable wholesome snacks to fuel their children on busy mornings, after school activities, or outdoor adventures.


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