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Sportsman's Rack

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On Saturday, Sept 10th we'll be open from 9-5 and we'll be serving FREE lunch, snacks during the day, and we'll have giveaways and great deals inside the store! Radio station 97.5 will also be onsite for a 2 hour live show from 10-12. Please join us! It will be a lot of fun.

Our mission:
Our mission is to outfit our fellow outdoorsmen with quality pre-owned clothing and equipment at an affordable price.

Who we are:
Chris Klingele and Jeff Springer, owners. Chris and I hunt waterfowl, deer, turkeys, pheasant and small game. We fish, hike, shed-hunt, boat and camp. And yes, we have dogs (lots of them). We are early to bed and early to rise. We spend most of our free time with our family and friends while enjoying the great outdoors, and are very dedicated to our work, our families and our hobbies. Chris came up with this idea and I couldn't say no to it, so here we are!

Our products:
In our store, we hope you'll find what you're looking for, at a price you'll be happy to pay. We hope to win repeat business by pricing our products to sell. Margin is secondary in importance to volume, so we need your help. We wish to purchase merchandise at low prices from you, clean it up or repair it if we need to, and re-sell it at a low price. It's because of you that we exist! You sold us your unused gear at a low price so we could turn around and sell it to someone who really needs it. You are keeping our shelves full and fresh with new product. Sure, you could sell your items for more on-line or perhaps in a garage sale, but you won't. You won't because you, like other sportsmen want to come into the store and see outstanding deals on the items you want. We've wanted a store like this for a long time, and I know you have too. Let's work together to make it happen!

Our store:
Our store is located at 1020 7th St. NW. The driveway is between the Asian Food Store and A-1 vacuum, and behind Kinney Creek Brewery. NOTE: At this time our typical hours are 9-5 Wednesday-Friday, 9-4 Saturday and 9-3 Sundays. Exceptions to those hours will be announced on Facebook, via email distribution, Craigslist and this website.

How do I sell you my stuff?
Email or call us about your gear, send us a picture, or bring it to the store when we're open and we'll appraise it and hopefully purchase it from you. Odds are, if it's on our list of accepted items, we'll take it. We'll accept items in fair/good/great condition. This is one of the reasons we're different, because most consignment stores or re-sellers won't accept anything less than slightly used. So go downstairs to your storage room and grab those size Large field pants that are just a bit too tight, bring them to us and in our store you might just find a nice pair in XL that you've been looking for.

Phone: 507-251-7023


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