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The Escape Challenge

Escape games are the newest craze sweeping the nation – a fun, team-building, brain-busting experience!



The Escape Challenge is a real-life room escape game based on the popular computer and mobile phone escape games. After entering a room with your team, the door is locked behind you. 60 minutes are on the clock! You must work together in order to find clues and solve puzzles that will lead you to your escape. It is part scavenger hunt and part puzzle game. Only about 20% of groups are able to meet the challenge and escape in time!

Only 7 groups have found a way to escape without clues. That's an escape rate of about 14%. Does your group have what it takes to escape? Get your group together and book now!!

Address: 20 6th St NW, Rochester, MN 55901

Phone: 507-272-3041


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