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Not a creature was stirring...except for “The Mice”!

9th November 2015

Could a Saturday evening get any better than one spent at The Mouse with many of our fabulous Inner Circle members? 

An enormous thank you to everyone that made our Holiday Preview Party so wonderful…especially Jeanne and Wendy at The Mouse! It was such a fun evening, and we can’t thank our sponsors and YOU, our members, enough for making it possible!

There were tasty eats and treats galore! From the delicious sandwiches and salads graciously donated by Potbelly Sandwich Shop, to the perfectly chosen assortment of wine, champagne and cider provided by Joe’s Liquor, the lovely and decadent mini cupcakes designed and donated by Julie at You Betcha Cupcake!, and last but not least, the oh-so-delicious dips provided by Jeanne and Wendy!  

Keep scrolling to check out the fun!


Did we mention the music? We were so lucky to be able to listen to and enjoy Lauren Heydt’s musical talents! Thank you for joining us, Lauren! 

Little touches like Jeanne and Wendy’s adorable handmade props for the photo booth made the night even more special. The trees were perfectly lit, and the store was decorated in true Mouse fashion. 

Once again, thanks to all involved! We can’t wait to see you at our next event!


SNEAK PEEK! Be sure to keep an eye out for our Month of Awesome coming soon, also featuring The Mouse!


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