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Inner Circle is a customer appreciation program for all subscribers of the Post-Bulletin. It connects tens of thousands of area residents with select local businesses in fun and exciting ways. Inner Circle gives you the opportunity to take part in your community by winning tickets, attending events, and saving big at your favorite local businesses and more!


Q: What is Inner Circle?

A:  Inner Circle is the most exciting thing to happen to your community since sliced bread! Through this program you will gain access to free gifts, awesome deals and ticket giveaways, just for being a member of the Inner Circle!

Q: Why Inner Circle?

A: Inner Circle is an exceptional way to connect with your community in a fun and exciting way. It allows businesses to say ”Thank you” for being a great customer by offering you gifts, big savings and exclusive access to members-only events.   

Q: Who is eligible?

A: Current Post-Bulletin subscribers are automatically eligible to become a part of the Inner Circle at no additional cost. All you have to do is:

1) go to

2) click “Login/Sign Up"

3) enter requested information

4) start reaping your rewards!

To register is not rocket science, but it might help you win free tickets to the Science Museum. 

Q: How does Inner Circle work?

A: Simply visit the website, where you can learn about local businesses offering deep deals, free gifts, events and more. If you see something that interests you print the coupon or RSVP to the event or enter the contest or comment on Facebook. It’s that easy!

Q: What can I WIN?

A: We have dozens of local business partners who are excited to provide free prizes and gifts. You never know what might be up for grabs... flowers, a bbq grill, dinner for 2, tickets to a concert. When you see something you are interested in, simply click to enter the drawing.

Q: How much can I SAVE?

A: Our local business partners work with us to create special savings exclusively for Inner Circle members. They want to say “thank you” to their loyal customers and “welcome” to new customers they haven’t met yet.  These are not your ordinary, everyday 10% off discounts... no sirree, these are the type of discounts that make you stand up and say “They are practically giving it away!” 

Q: Where can I PLAY? 

A: We have worked with our business partners to get free tickets to concerts, sporting events, plays and other fun community happenings in addition to creating exclusive events of our own.  PLAY is your chance to get out and go somewhere fun for free just because you’re a member of the Inner Circle.

Q: What can I do on the CONNECT Tab?

A: You can chat with us and other Inner Circle members, of course! You can access our Facebook page, play games (like our photo caption contest), check out photos from prior events, read our Inner Circle blog and other interactive stuff.   As we said at the start, we think the world of you. We want to get to know you, interact, share stories and the like.   

Q: How do I redeem an offer?

A: This is real slick. All offers have a print button next to them – Just click print and take your coupon with you to redeem. All offers are obtainable exclusively at

Q: I'm getting a message saying I have already printed the coupon, but I only looked at it. Why can't I print it again?

A: Coupons on the Inner Circle website are only able to be viewed once. Only click "Print Coupon" once you are ready to print the coupon.

Q: How will I know if I have won a contest or giveaway?

A: Winners are notified by email or phone. Check the website frequently for lists of current winners and new offerings. 

Q: How else can I reach you?

A: You know those people who are glued to their cell phone, while typing on their laptop, all while swiping away on their iPad? Yeah, that's us. You can get a hold of us on Facebook, Twitter, and our Blog in addition to You can expect responses from us Monday-Friday from 8-5 PM.

Q: Questions about Inner Circle?

A: No question is too big or too small. Shoot us an email at  It’s really no trouble at all.  We would love to hear from you, cuz gosh darnit, you matter to us.  

Q: I’m a business owner. How can I get my business featured with Inner Circle?

A:  Great question! If you would like to learn more about how to become a business partner and feature your business with a reward, giveaway or exclusive event, contact Landon Flies at or (507) 285-7638 or Brianna Pickett at or (507) 285-7765.


Q: What is Inner Circle?

A:  Inner Circle is an exclusive and cool membership program serving the SE Minnesota area. You give us cool stuff, we give you cool people to give cool stuff to. Simple.

Q: How can I get my business featured with Inner Circle?

A:  So you want to sit at the cool kid’s table, eh? Contact Landon Flies at or (507) 285-7638 or Brianna Pickett at or (507) 285-7765.

Q: What does it cost me to be a part of the Inner Circle?

A: It depends, what are you willing to pay? Ha, just kidding - we don’t charge business partners to be a member of PB Inner Circle.  All we ask is that you treat our members like family, just like we do.  You may have to provide a free gift or deep discount to gain access to our membership base of more than 35,000 households of loyal readership.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A:  We are more of a “handshake” kind of place. We will  however, write up  the details of any discounts or giveaways you are offering to the Inner Circle so we can ensure we get the facts correct and have the information we need in case you want to repeat an offer.

Q: What kind of rewards can I offer?

A: This is the place to think out of the box and find things you can offer that no one else can.  For example, a plant store/nursery may offer a 15% off coupon regularly in their print ads, but at they give a 60% discount. Or, they invite 30 lucky winners to come to their store in February to plant “Mother’s Day” hanging baskets. The nursery then waters and cares for them until the week of Mother’s Day, when the winners stop in and pick them up.  

Q: What’s in it for me?

A: So many awesome things. Where to begin? You get free marketing, knowledgable event staff, a featured spot on the Inner Circle webpage (which provides access to over 90% of adults 18+ in the greater Rochester market) and we do all the work… for you!